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The Mommy Archives hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!  To celebrate, I’ve organized a 10,000 subscriber giveaway.  Enter the giveaway in the form below!  Giveaway ends Friday, March 11, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST.  One winner will receive the entire prize package.

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Giveaway prizes include Beachfront Baby SlingR.B. Amber & Sons amber necklace“Bossy” mug from AnkitDream Immunity Vanilla Chai supplementLeven Rose jojoba oilBeauty by Earth face maskBeauty by Earth bath bombsFlo perfume atomizer,  EssentiallyLoved diffuser necklace, and Edens Garden essential oil.

FTC Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored.  Some prizes were donated by brands.

Natural Brow Routine & Tweezers Giveaway

I’m sharing my natural brow routine in today’s video on my YouTube channel!  I’m not an expert by any means, but I thought I’d share what works for me and my face shape.  I typically don’t get my brows professionally done anymore because I never really feel like I leave looking like “me.”

In my opinion, one of the most important elements in eyebrow grooming is a quality pair of tweezers.  I use PreciseGryp tweezers and love them!  They’re well made, and the slanted, thin, sharp tips allow for great precision.  This allows the hair to be easily removed without ripping or tearing and lets you get all those tiny hairs that other tweezers miss.

PreciseGryp was kind enough to offer up a giveaway for my subscribers!  I know giving away a pair of tweezers is pretty random, but a good brow shape starts with a good pair of tweezers, and these ones are great!  Watch the video for my full brow routine (I grew my brows out for a couple weeks so I could show how I shape them), and then enter the giveaway in the form below!

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FTC Disclaimer: This blog post/video is not sponsored.  Tweezers for giveaway were supplied by PreciseGryp.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Natural Teething Remedies for Toddlers & an Amber Necklace Giveaway!

Teething is never fun!  Fortunately, there are some very helpful natural options for parents to help alleviate the symptoms of teething.  One of my favorite homeopathic methods for teething relief is putting a Baltic amber teething necklace on my two year-old daughter Kennedy.  In my latest video, I talk about what makes Baltic amber so awesome for teething tots and share my other favorite natural teething relief options.

After watching the video, be sure to enter the giveaway for a Baltic amber teething necklace from R.B. Amber & Sons!  Just use the form below!

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Ready to purchase a Baltic amber necklace?  Shope R.B. Amber & Sons on Amazon here!

FTC Disclaimer: This blog post/video is not sponsored.  R.B. Amber & Sons was kind enough to provide me with free necklaces for a review and giveaway.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.  This blog post contains affiliate links.

Mood Factory Review & Giveaway

mood factory

I’m so excited to share some information about an awesome company with you all today!  I was introduced to Mood Factory a couple months ago, and I was immediately intrigued by the concept behind the brand.  They use color and aromatherapy to create products that are supposed to evoke certain moods: passion, energy, happiness, renewal, tranquility, serenity, creativity, and sassy.  I had the opportunity to try out several products from each of their different “moods,” and they were kind enough to send enough loot to share!  Watch the video to learn more about this awesome company and the products up for grabs, and then enter the giveaway in the form below!

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Learn more about Mood Factory by visiting their website, or shop their products on Amazon!


FTC Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored.  I was sent products courtesy of The Mood Factory for my consideration.  This blog post contains affiliate links.

Our First Date

Eight years ago to the day, my husband and I went on our very first date.  Leading up to it, I’m not sure Caleb was 100% certain that that’s what it was, but I sure had it in my head that it was absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt a DATE.

After he asked me out, I told my closest friends that I was going to marry him.  Some called me crazy, others romantic.  Mostly crazy, though.  But I just knew.  It wasn’t love at first sight, love definitely took time to grow, but I had this peace about the situation, and I really felt like it was being laid on my heart.  It’s important to note though that I did not vocalize this to Caleb – we probably wouldn’t be married today because he wouldn’t have been able to run away fast enough, haha!  I mean…what 19 year-old guy wants a chick telling him they’re going to get married on their first date?  #creeperalert

Moving on to the date though…

Caleb and I are both devout Christians, so you may find it a bit strange that our first date was actually at a Muslim Ramadan dinner.  Yup.  A multicultural program at our university invited students to attend to learn about this sacred Muslim tradition.  Caleb and I both have very inquisitive minds, and while we are devout in our faith, we’ve always enjoyed educating ourselves about other people and their belief systems.  I was a religious studies minor at the time, Caleb found this out, and he invited me to attend, thinking I’d enjoy it and could learn something.  Ironically, I didn’t end up getting that minor due to scheduling conflicts (it was a brand new program), but it’s cool to see in hindsight how God orchestrated everything through some small but important details.

After we attended the Ramadan, we decided to attend another campus event being held the same night.  When it was over, Caleb offered to walk me home.  On the way, we passed a Starbucks.  We decided to pop in for a quick drink and to chat some more.  Right as we walked in, a girl who I recognized but didn’t know much about spotted us and shyly said hi to Caleb.  We walked up to the counter, and Caleb paid for my order.  This may not seem out of place for a first date, but, if you know my husband, you know he is FRUGAL.  He got the cheapest thing on the menu (a tall black coffee), and, while I can’t remember what I ordered, I can imagine it was not cheap.  Plus, as I said, I’m not sure he was as convinced from the beginning that we were actually on a date.  Paying for my drink made the trajectory for the night clear, though.  A $5 cup of coffee was a big deal to my budget-conscious, poor college student of a future husband.  Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time, but, again, it’s those little details that I love.

Months later, I found out that the girl who had said hi at Starbucks had been interested in Caleb.  They had hung out, and, long story short, things got weird, and Caleb was not interested.  Essentially, my drink was purchased more so to make a statement to someone else than to actually affirm the date to ourselves.  So thank you girl who weirded out my future husband.  Had Caleb not paid for my drink that night, I probably would have been irritated and let down and perhaps moved on because I like my Starbucks drinks paid for on dates, darn it.

From there, the rest is history.  He walked me home and politely bid me goodbye.  (Side note for the inquiring minds: it wasn’t until one month later that we had our first kiss!)  We had repeated dates…mostly free university events and $1 movies at the campus theater.  And, of course, we fell in love and have now been happily married for over five years and have a beautiful little girl.  In case you’re wondering, Caleb is still a cheapskate budget-minded person.  It’s a good thing I enjoy a good date night in.  😉

It’s funny to look back on that evening eight years ago.  We were so young and had no clue what life was going to unfold, but there’s no one else I’d rather have as a partner on this journey.  We’ve grown and experienced life and change together, but one thing has never changed.

I knew Caleb was my forever then, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will always be my forever.

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