Farmers Market Birthday Party

My baby girl is ONE today!!  Can you even believe it?!  I know I certainly can’t!  We celebrated her first birthday over the weekend with an adorable farmers market themed party.  I absolutely ADORE how it turned out and loved putting it together.  Truth be told, this is probably my favorite themed party I’ve thrown so far!

Here is a look at the main food tables – and my dogs hoping someone drops some scraps.  😉  I did purchase some of the party decor, but I also did a lot of “shopping” at my in-laws’ house.  My mother-in-law has accumulated quite a number of things over the years that are perfect for parties like this, and her eclectic collection of antiques and vintage items and variety of baskets definitely came in handy!

We had quite the food spread!  I wanted the food tables to look nice and full and to have the same kind of offerings you might be able to find at a traditional farmers market.  Of course, that meant LOTS of produce.  We pretty much just stuck to fruit since it was a morning party and offered a few varieties of apples, pears, bananas, black and red grapes, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, blackberries, and cherry tomatoes.  We also had banana chips – for good measure, haha!  I shopped around at different stores for the best produce sales and was able to save a lot of money that way.

We offered cheeses and “farm fresh eggs,” a.k.a. hard boiled eggs.  There were a variety of baked goods, including mini muffins, cinnamon rolls, donuts, cinnamon raisin bread, and bagels, which we also provided toppings for.  We had local honey, four varieties of cream cheese, butter, and two types of jellies.  It really was a delicious brunch spread!

The mini muffins were served in egg cartons, which I think was a really cute touch.  I used baskets I already had on hand as well as some baskets from my in-law’s house for the fruit and baked goods, and I also purchased some berry baskets from Amazon to give an authentic farmers market touch.  I used red and white checkered liners from Dollar Tree (the checkered table cloths and napkins also came from there) to line the berry baskets so that I could use them again in the future.  I also purchased these black wire baskets from Amazon for a great price – just under $3 each!  They were perfect, and I know I’ll definitely be able to get more use out of them at future parties and around my home.

At the drink table, we offered lemonade, apple juice from glass bottles, and homemade cold brew coffee – which turned out delicious and was a huge hit.  We also had a large galvanized bucket with bottled water and juice boxes and milk boxes for the kids.

We also had a little kettle corn setup next to the cake.  I made DIY paper cones to hold the popcorn out of decorative card stock.  I had actually purchased a package of that card stock for Kennedy’s first birthday and still had it in my craft bin!  I strung Rowan’s monthly pictures above that setup with red twine and mini clothespins, and everyone enjoyed looking at how much she had grown and changed over the past year.

And can we please talk about the cake?! My friend Jessica made this beautiful rustic cake topped with sugared berries that tasted as good as it looks!  It was seriously exactly what I had in my head, and Jessica did such a good job executing it.  It was a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting that was to die for!

Although a farmers market spread outside might have felt more authentic, we opted to serve all the food inside to protect it from the Texas summer heat and flies.  Most guests congregated outside to eat and enjoy each other’s company, and we also had some activities for the kiddos to enjoy.  It wasn’t until I sat to write this blog post that I realized I didn’t really take any pictures outside!  I’ve learned that kids love to color, and a coloring station is a super easy, low maintenance activity to have at a party, so I printed out some farmers market coloring sheets I found on Pinterest.  We have this playset in our backyard, which is always helpful when we’re hosting get togethers, and the kids had a fun time playing on that.  I also purchased a strawberry pinata from Amazon and filled it with fruit stickers and other fun little prizes.

One thing that was super easy to do and that the kids loved were “carrot” bubbles.  We simply took carrot colored bubble wands and attached four green pipe cleaners to each.  They were super cute, and what kid doesn’t love bubbles?!  Not only did the kids play with the bubbles during the party, but they also served as party favors.  Fortunately, I had enough left over to snap a picture for this blog post.

By far, my favorite activity at the party was this cute little market stand my husband and I built.  (Again, this was another thing I forgot to take pictures of the day of the party, so it’s looking a little gloomy here because it’s been raining most of the day.)  I purchased this plastic fruit and vegetable set from Amazon, brown plastic baskets from Dollar Tree, and a couple of super cute plastic berry baskets I found for super cheap at Joann Fabric to pull it all together.  We also put faux flowers in a small tin bucket and had some reusable grocery bags for the kids to play with.  This little market stand was such a hit with the kids, and they loved “shopping” at their own little farmers market.  This was also part of Rowan’s birthday gift, and the girls have really enjoyed playing with it together.  Kennedy plans to use it to have a lemonade stand at an upcoming yard sale, too!

There were so many little details that went into making this party super special.  Outside of the decorative pieces I scavenged from my in-laws’ house, I purchased seed packets from Dollar Tree and hung them from our party lights as well as from twine underneath our party sign.  I purchased a farmers market party package set from Etsy that included our invitations and other great printables, including the party sign and produce tags.  I also purchased mini chalkboard signs from Amazon for food labeling – which of course will also come in handy for future parties.  Target had a vast selection of farmers market items in their dollar area around the time of the party, so I picked up just a few things there that I knew I could reuse later.  I also hit the jackpot when I went to Aldi the night before to finish purchasing food, and they had bouquets of flowers for just $1.99!  I purchased five and was able to have plenty of flowers for added decor.  We put the flowers in vases we had on hand, mason jars, tin cans, and this galvanized milk can my husband Caleb picked out from Joann’s.

I loved being able to celebrate my darling little girl in such a special way.  We celebrated with close friends and family, and it was truly such a great day filled with lots of fun – and lots of Rowan’s favorite fruits.  😉  Something really special to me was that Rowan wore the same dress her big sister Kennedy wore for her first birthday, and it brought so much joy to my mama heart.  I’ll always look back on this day with fondness and lots of happy memories.

Check out my corresponding YouTube video to see more detail shots of the party decor and how everything came together!

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