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My name is Jessica, and I’m a mom to my little rays of sunshine, Kennedy and Rowan, and wife to my college sweetheart, Caleb.  I’m passionate about sharing life and community with other women, and The Mommy Archives was born from that passion.

I started a YouTube channel in July of 2012 after suffering a miscarriage and craving an outlet to connect with other women.  That channel grew into The Mommy Archives and has become a passion project of mine, and this blog is an extension of that.  I love sharing my life with other women and learning and growing along the way.

The Mommy Archives is a digital resource of information, entertainment, and community for modern women and moms. I love using my platform to share all things motherhood and beyond and thrive to provide relatable content and foster community through genuine and meaningful interaction with my followers.  I’d love to have you join this community of awesome mamas!



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  1. Joecelyn says:

    Jessica, I am so sorry to learn of another miscarriage you had. I remember while we were still FB friends a while back, you were going through the first one. My heart is heavy as I read this as I too had a miscarriage in October 2013. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever come out of and you are so amazing and strong to persevere through two. You are blessed with a beautiful little girl and I truly wish you nothing but more happiness! 🙂

    • Jessica - The Mommy Archives says:

      Thank you so much, Joecelyn! I am so sorry that you’ve experienced one, as well. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I did a big re-evaluation of my life after my first miscarriage and really stepped back from my exposure on social media, which is why we lost touch there for awhile. Ironically, it’s through social media that I’ve really gained a community that has helped carry me through tough times, including the second miscarriage. I’m glad we’re back in touch! <3

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